What’s wrong and right with Network Marketing?


My conversations with most of my friends on Atomy usually began with their negative perception of network marketing. This is understandable because they or someone they know had bad experiences dabbling with it.

The essence of Network or Direct marketing as a business model requires the company to share its sales income with the consumer members for helping the company to grow.
It is simply a different approach to the traditional Manufacturer to Distributor to Retailer model of product distribution with their price markups along the way to the consumers.

While the traditional supply chain model benefits only the businesses that help push the products to the consumers, the network marketing model shares its sales income directly with the consumer members for referring the products to others for their purchases and consumptions
Networkers also enjoy recurring incomes from their networks that they built once and will keep on earning from their purchases unlike the employees whose pay-checks would end when they stopped jobbing. 

Unfortunately, many network marketing companies adulterated and are still abusing the pure concept of network marketing with their over-hyped and overpriced products, mandatory and on-going purchases, and the unequal distribution of commissions and bonuses to the few top sales persons instead of the majority of consumer members

In short, network marketing is an excellent way for a company to distribute products directly to the consumers and rewards them righteously for theirs and their referrals’ purchases.
Network marketing became bad when unscrupulous companies abused it to enrich themselves and the few top sales members at the very top of the pyramid with over-priced products, forced purchases and other fees.

Atomy is a unique network marketing company. It adheres to the pure model of network marketing.
This is one company that empowers the ordinary consumers to enjoy not only low cost and high quality products, but also the opportunity to become their own bosses with no entry barrier and no risk to take.

Atomy Company Introduction 2015

If you have a more favorable perception of network marketing by now, then I urge you to continue reading  this Blog to determine if Atomy will be a life changing encounter for you and/or for your loved ones.


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Atomy products are mainly organic/natural and of the highest quality and lowest price.
We actually save and also earn money from our team’s purchases of our daily essential products for our efforts of helping the company to grow.

Atomy passive income opportunity is designed to empower ordinary consumers to succeed financially by simply Consuming the products, Sharing the opportunity and Getting Paid by Atomy for doing so!

Thank you for spending your time reading this blog.

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Catch the Wave…


A Facebook friend asked me recently the question “What is the best way to make the most money legally in the shortest time?”.

My comment was: “Work hard, smart and most importantly enjoy what you do. You will make the most money but not necessary in the shortest time.”.

On further reflection, I find the need to tackle the question itself in greater details…

The main considerations I have with the question are:

  1. Who are in a hurry to make more money?
  2. Why do they want to get rich quick?
  3. How to make most money in the shortest time?

You will agree with me that most of us, at one time or another, had wanted to make quick money for reasons best known to ourselves.
The reasons to want to make more money quickly can range from urgent necessity to meet life’s challenges, to impatient greed.
These essentially answer the first 2 of the 3 considerations.

Let me now dwell further on the third consideration: “How to make money in the shortest time?” by breaking the question into 2 parts:

  1. How to make the most money?
  2. How to be *wealthy in the shortest time?

*Wealthy is defined as having no financial worries and the means to satisfy not just our needs but our wants.

1. How to make the most money?
Hard work alone does not guarantee that we can make the most money.
The fact is that many of us are living from paycheck to paycheck. We may be working hard, but we are not getting ahead, instead, we are just getting by. Some of us may even be facing the prospect of pay-cut, retrenchment or lay-off.
Ever wondered what will happen if you lose your job or the ability to work tomorrow?

According to statistics from the US Social Security Administration, at the retirement age of 65:

  • 54% are broke,
  • 36% are dead,
  • 5% are still working for a living,
  • 4% are financially secure,
  • and only 1 % make the most money and become wealthy.

This means only 5% of the work force ends up being financially successful while 95% retire more or less destitute. Interestingly, it is the same with trading where only 5% of traders are profitable!

While some top-paying execs, doctors, lawyers and stock remisiers etc., may make $1 million or more a year, many do not.
If we aren’t among the handful of professions that earn big money, then we need to do much more to prepare for our retirements like:

bullet living well below our means
bullet avoiding and getting out of debt
bullet saving and investing wisely to protect the little money we earn

As wage earners, we get paid only when we are working. When we stop working, our active income also stop!
We are essentially trading our time for money. Since our time is a limiting factor, it is impossible to become wealthy in the short term!

In summary, working hard for active income may make us financially sufficient, but it demands lots of sacrifices and take a long time to accumulate our wealth.

2. How to be wealthy in the shortest time?
Now that we know that trading our time for money is the limiting factor to become wealthy, what can we do about it?
The answer lies in working smart for passive or residual income .

Working smart is when we can overcome our time limitation by leveraging the time of others to create wealth for us.
Leveraging is not exploitation. If it is, then the successful businessmen and the CEOs who are compensated handsomely for multiplying the wealth of their businesses by leveraging on the time of their employees will be termed as exploiters!

Passive income is income that we will get over and over again for the work that we need to do only once.
The royalties received by pop-singers whenever their songs are purchased or played in public is an example of passive income.
Rentals from properties is another source of passive income provided we have the means to own them in the first place.
Profit derived from network marketing and affiliate program are other examples of passive income.

The good news is that the Internet and the social medias like Facebook have helped level the playing field for the men-in-the-street to compete with the big boys. Opportunities are abound in this new economy that require little or no money to start and build an online business like Atomy.

The key to success is choosing the right network marketing program and company to build your networks.
The smart entrepreneur would want to choose a strong company with products that are always in demand and a fair and rewarding program that will generate passive income consistently and increasingly over time.
Doing so, will allow this entrepreneur to extend his/her time limitation by building up a sustainable business that leverages on the effort of others just like the traditional businessmen and CEOs but with no capital outlay!


Many ordinary people like you and me are already surfing on the Atomy waves towards healthy, wealthy and happy retirements. Shouldn’t you?

Find out Why Atomy? is the right company and program for you to also Catch the Wave and Retire in Style.


Retirement Plan


In today’s economic situations, it’s no longer unusual for companies to downsize or to face a downturn in business before the axes began to fall on the staff. Can this happen to you? You may not think so, but the reality is that it is happening more often than you care to admit.

Are you prepared for such an eventuality? If not, you may find yourself having a rough time to cope with financial and emotional upheavals. When you do go out of a job, not only you would have to deal with a drop of your income, you will also have to deal with a dip in your self-esteem. If you aren’t prepared for such an eventuality, chances are, you will take some time to get over your losses, and in the process, may lose your confidence altogether to get ahead with what is remained of you. Even if you have managed to find another employment, there is no guarantee that you will not lose it again? Sounds alarming isn’t it?

Can you do something to prevent your unanticipated job loss? No. Not when the reasons are beyond your control.
Can you do something to prepare for your job loss? Yes. You can and you should.

First, you must be able to spot the handwriting on the wall so that you can be better prepared to face the axe. Some of the signs that will surface during the sun set of your career are:

  •  You get new colleague whose job is very similar to yours and you are asked to report to the person;
  •  Your staff are been promoted without your recommendations;
  •  You are been taken out of key projects or decision making role without any inkling of what’s happening.

If these are happening to you right now, here are some suggestions on how to go about preparing for the worst to happen:

  • Watch out for these signals of impending job loss and begin earnestly to look out for alternative income sources;
  • Be prepared to deal with your emotions such as your anger when the time comes for you to go;
  • Treat the job loss as an opportunity to devote your total energy to mange your future career.

These suggestions, although effective at times, are like medicines to be taken only when one is falling sick.

If you accept that job losses are like sicknesses which can not be wished away when they come, then a better way is for you to be as financially healthy as you can be so that when the axe does fall on you, you will have the monetary reserve and the emotional strength to survive the difficult time ahead.

The question then is how are you supposed to become financially healthy in the first place?
Unless, you are one of the very few who are wealthy to begin with, or you were able to accumulate your wealth through some savings or investments, you are left with no choice but to find a way to stay financially healthy with a more stable income from another source.

Thus, if you think you don’t have the time nor the need or inclination to prepare yourself and work for this other income source to become financially independent, just imagine what is going to happen if the axe does fall on you in the not too distance future.

Be prepared today for a better tomorrow.

Do it now – your future depends on what you do today!

Visit Why Atomy for a ready made business that you can start today and for FREE.

“Job security? Don’t rely on the corporation. Rely on your network.”
– Harvey Mackay.

“The greatest good you can do for one is not to share your riches but to help them discover their own.”
– Benjamin Disraeli.

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Beware of Scammers

Because of the growing popularity of Atomy products, there are now scammers trying to cheat consumers to purchase Atomy products from other than the official Atomy online Shopping Malls.

Here is an example:


This eBay posting sold 2 tubes of Atomy toothpaste for $29.99 to 36 people!
What the buyers didn’t realize was that they could have bought a pack of 5 large tubes directly from Atomy for $25 or get them for as low as $3.50 in bulk.
While those purchases validated the excellent quality of the Atomy Propolis Toothpaste, unsuspecting consumers should be made aware of such online sThe reselling of Atomy products online by members is strictly against the Member Agreement which states: “Promote and sell Atomy products to ultimate consumers and not to sell or display those products in retail sales or service establishments. Maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and responsibility in dealing with the Company, consumers and other members”.
Moreover, Atomy products can be ordered just as easily from any of the official Atomy online Shopping Malls.

The answer from Atomy on these online re-sellers were that they are a mix of opportunists and scammers. Some may even be selling old stock and expired products. There were also cases discovered in Korea of the refilling of empty Atomy containers with other skincare contents etc.

More consumers are also replacing their beauty products with Atomy’s high quality and low cost alternatives.

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Working hard is not enough.


I was at a mall when I took this picture of a row of shopping carts. While there was the sunday crowd, I didn’t witness a sale made during my few minutes there. It is not my intention to despise the hard working vendors trying to edge out a living for him/herself and their families. Considering the thousands of $ that they have to pay monthly for the cart rental, the stocks that they have to carry and the long hours manning their stores, I have a new appreciation of the ease and potentials of a Atomy business. In this internet age, it is not enough to work hard. We need to also work smart to survive in this new economy.

p.s. As an Atomy member, I am given a ready-made online Shopping Mall that is available 24/7 for FREE. No rental to pay, No stock to carry and deliver and the Mall operates round the clock without my presence.
In addition, Atomy will also reward me for promoting its products and business opportunity to others.

Atomy Road to Success by Park, Dong Cheol Royal Master

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Bucket or Pipeline?

“I would rather earn one percent off 100 people’s efforts than 100 percent off my own efforts”
J. Paul Getty.

Is This How You Are Planning Your Retirement?

Have you ever wondered how are you going to pay your bills when you stop working today?

Before the water systems was modernized, people had to bring buckets to collect water from the rivers or wells to their houses.

Burke Hedges, in his book “Parable of the Pipeline“, explains that going to work is a similar phenomenon.


If you have a job or profession or even a traditional business that requires you to trade your time and talent for money like Bruno, you essentially work each day to “fill a bucket” with money.


Getting a better position or deal still requires you to trade your time and talent for money. It will only give you a fuller bucket. The moment you stop working, you stop earning money!


Wouldn’t it be better and smarter to build a pipeline like Pablo and have money flowing into your life even when you’ve stopped working?

Who would you want to be like:
Bruno the Bucket Carrier or Pablo the Pipeline Builder?

Please click on the URL if your browser does not start playing the swf video 
Please right-click over this 10 minutes long ‘Parable of the Pipeline’ video to control it.

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Home Based Business

“Six Reasons Why Thousands of People are Discovering That EVERYTHING They REALLY WANT in Life Can be Found by Having a Home-Based Business.”

Don’t be misled by the term “home-based business”. Even though we may be working from our homes, this is an industry where many are making 5, 6, or even 7 figures a year.


Warren Buffet was referring to the plights of the working class.
Donald Trump also had this to say: “I have a lot of classmates who were much smarter than me, but I make more money then they do. One reason is because I am an entrepreneur and they are employees working for big companies.”

We had also spent the earlier years of our working life mainly trading our time for money as employees.
You and I know that our income stopped whenever we are in between jobs or out of a job!
Job openings will also be more difficult to come by when we become more expensive for the employers to pay us.

So what is the alternative? Become an entrepreneur!
I am not saying that no one should remain as an employee. However, being employed does not mean that you can’t start and run a business from home.
We just need is to find the right business and the time from non-productive activities like watching less TV to work on a business like Atomy.

Here are the 6 reasons why you should take a serious look at having your OWN home-based business.

Reason 1: Time Freedom
People, especially busy professionals want MORE TIME in their life today than they do with more money.So many of us have been chasing after a dream that has become illusive. The typical job, business or corporate ladder does NOT provide the time freedom you are ultimately pursuing. In fact the more successful you are in traditional business, the less time you have.

With the new style of home based business and using the automation of the Internet, you can have a business that gives you MORE time.

Plus, with a home business, your commute time is less than it takes you to walk out to your home. You can work your business around your schedule, instead of the other way around.

Think about it. If you could have the ideal work environment it would probably come pretty close to what you have at home.

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Are You on a 40-Year or 4-Year Retirement Plan?


It’s getting too familiar isn’t it?
Our workforce seems to be heading for a major overhaul where the experienced and loyal are getting replaced by the numbers every day.

The good news is that this wake up call has forced many who are or will be affected to explore new ventures.

Are You on a 40-Year or 4-Year Retirement Plan?

Are you on a 40-year or 4-year retirement plan? Most people are on 40-year plan, start working around the age of 25, retire at the age of 65, and hope that their retirement plan will take care of them for the rest of their lives. But in today’s and future economic society, this plan almost always fails. Most jobs don’t offer pensions anymore, and even if they do, the retirement income is significantly lower compared to the income they were making when they were actively working. So for the 40 years of their working years, people don’t have any time to spend for themselves and families because they are too busy making money that’s just enough to make ends meet. And when they retire, they may have time, but they don’t have quality life because they don’t have enough money to enjoy their time. For most people on 40-year plan, it will never get them even close to true financial freedom: Having the money and time to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

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