Are You on a 40-Year or 4-Year Retirement Plan?


It’s getting too familiar isn’t it?
Our workforce seems to be heading for a major overhaul where the experienced and loyal are getting replaced by the numbers every day.

The good news is that this wake up call has forced many who are or will be affected to explore new ventures.

Are You on a 40-Year or 4-Year Retirement Plan?

Are you on a 40-year or 4-year retirement plan? Most people are on 40-year plan, start working around the age of 25, retire at the age of 65, and hope that their retirement plan will take care of them for the rest of their lives. But in today’s and future economic society, this plan almost always fails. Most jobs don’t offer pensions anymore, and even if they do, the retirement income is significantly lower compared to the income they were making when they were actively working. So for the 40 years of their working years, people don’t have any time to spend for themselves and families because they are too busy making money that’s just enough to make ends meet. And when they retire, they may have time, but they don’t have quality life because they don’t have enough money to enjoy their time. For most people on 40-year plan, it will never get them even close to true financial freedom: Having the money and time to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Now, let’s look at the 4-year plan. You join Atomy, and start building your business, your organization. If you put full-time effort, just as you would with any other job, within 3-6 months, you will be earning about $2,000-$3,000 a month. Not a lucrative pay, but not a bad pay either considering the fact that a fresh graduate’s starting monthly pay is around S$2,000-3,000 and a few years to reach S$5,000. But, if you put the same effort in your Atomy business for another 6 months to 1 year, your monthly income can reach S$5,000. Still not a lucrative income, but not a bad deal either. But from that point on, your business will soar since you have taken your Atomy business to a size that it can grow on itself with less hours of work on your behalf. But that doesn’t mean you stop working, unless you want your income to stop at where it is. If you keep putting the same amount of full-time work, at the end of 4-year mark, you will be earning about $50,000 a month, a little more than a half a million dollars a year. Then, if you choose to, you can retire, and for the rest of your life and all the way down to your grandchild’s life (since you can inherit Atomy income for 2 generations) you will be getting the same money. Sounds like a plan?

Lets consider:

Atomy Business vs. Traditional Business

What is a good, stable business? A McDonald franchise? Consider this:

An owner of McDonald franchise may earn more than $200,000 a year after having invested $1 million in the franchise. A person doing Atomy business can earn $500,000+ a year on an investment of a couple hundred dollars to try Atomy products before introducing to families and friends. In fact, Atomy memberships is 100% FREE, and Atomy doesn’t even require minimum purchase. It is just that if you try Atomy products, you will fall in love with it 100% guaranteed, and you will want to go out there and spread the good news.
The franchise owner has to acquire property and build a large structure, but the Atomy distributor works at home.
The franchise owner pays out $10,000 a week to employees. The Atomy business needs no employees.
For the first six years the franchise owner is nothing more than a shift-change supervisor for a bunch of pimply faced teenagers before he breaks even. In 4 years, the Atomy business is working twenty-five-hour weeks and thoroughly enjoying her life.
We could go on and on how good Atomy business is because the life of a successful Atomy business is preferable to the life of anyone in traditional business. You get the point: Atomy business seems too good to be true already.

Atomy Business Isn’t Hard!

Atomy business isn’t hard. But it seems hard at first because you’ve never done it before. But if you persist for the first month, and follow every proven guidance that will make you succeed, your business will start to soar and you will fall in love with it. You will not only love the amount of money you will be making while having all the extra time you wouldn’t have with an ordinary job. You will be working, but as you grow your business, you will be traveling around the world with company paid flights and hotel rooms, meeting new people and influencing and inspiring thousands of people with your financial freedom and success.

Atomy Business is Created to Work

The Atomy’s company philosophy is simple: To help as many people as possible with its quality products and lucrative compensation plan.

The way Atomy business works is very simple: Everyone uses toothbrush, toothpaste, laundry detergent, shampoo, body wash, cosmetics, etc. Simply replace them with Atomy’s better and cheaper products. Spread the news to your family and friends. And your families and friends spread the news to their families and friends. Then the business takes off on itself.

No Barrier to Start Atomy Business

It costs $0 to join Atomy.
No degree, previous experience, gender, and age requirements.
There is no membership fee at all.
The only requirement to maintain the membership is to make any size purchase once a year. It can be as low as buying a pack of delicious roasted seaweed for only $6.90.
No minimum monthly sales requirement.
Business Plan that Is Guaranteed to Work

It takes years of education to make doctor’s money. It takes years of experience, money you cannot afford, and luck to make a CEO’s money. But with Atomy, it only takes 4 years to make more than what ordinary doctors and CEOs make. And you don’t have to be special. Atomy is designed to make ordinary people who are willing to put in hard work to succeed and gain financial independence.

Note: Above scenerio is a roadmap for building a pipeline of income (work once and get paid constantly) with Atomy instead of buckets carrying income (stops when we stop working) from a job or a traditional business.
The end result is dependent on the amount of time and effort we and our team members put into the building of our Atomy businesses.

Atomy Company and Product Intro.

Please click on About Atomy to find out more of the company.

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