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“Six Reasons Why Thousands of People are Discovering That EVERYTHING They REALLY WANT in Life Can be Found by Having a Home-Based Business.”

Don’t be misled by the term “home-based business”. Even though we may be working from our homes, this is an industry where many are making 5, 6, or even 7 figures a year.


Warren Buffet was referring to the plights of the working class.
Donald Trump also had this to say: “I have a lot of classmates who were much smarter than me, but I make more money then they do. One reason is because I am an entrepreneur and they are employees working for big companies.”

We had also spent the earlier years of our working life mainly trading our time for money as employees.
You and I know that our income stopped whenever we are in between jobs or out of a job!
Job openings will also be more difficult to come by when we become more expensive for the employers to pay us.

So what is the alternative? Become an entrepreneur!
I am not saying that no one should remain as an employee. However, being employed does not mean that you can’t start and run a business from home.
We just need is to find the right business and the time from non-productive activities like watching less TV to work on a business like Atomy.

Here are the 6 reasons why you should take a serious look at having your OWN home-based business.

Reason 1: Time Freedom
People, especially busy professionals want MORE TIME in their life today than they do with more money.So many of us have been chasing after a dream that has become illusive. The typical job, business or corporate ladder does NOT provide the time freedom you are ultimately pursuing. In fact the more successful you are in traditional business, the less time you have.

With the new style of home based business and using the automation of the Internet, you can have a business that gives you MORE time.

Plus, with a home business, your commute time is less than it takes you to walk out to your home. You can work your business around your schedule, instead of the other way around.

Think about it. If you could have the ideal work environment it would probably come pretty close to what you have at home.

Reason 2: Financial Freedom
Unless you have a financial vehicle that let’s you increase your income on demand, you are just an indentured servant, no matter how fancy your title or how many degrees you have.

Could you earn an extra $1,000-$2,000 a month this month if you wanted to? What if you wanted to increase your income to $5,000 a month within the next 3 months, could you do it right where you are?

Do you have bills you can’t pay off? Could you support yourself indefinitely, if for some reason, you lost your job?

If not, then you are in FINANCIAL BONDAGE.

The NEW style of home-based business can give you the financial vehicle to break free of those chains. It allows you to start part-time, work within your schedule and work when you want to.

Then your income is solely determined by your desire and effort.

But financial freedom is not only about having money.

You may already make a lot of money. If so, are you mired down with employees, regulations, corporate politics and glass ceilings?

Have you sacrificed the quality things in life, trying to achieve something that was not there when you arrived? It does not matter how much money you make, if you have to give up YOUR LIFE just to get it.

The NEW style of home-based business can give you TRUE financial freedom.

Reason 3: Leverage
Most investors understand leverage i.e. have a little bit of money to do the work of lot of money.

With today’s NEW style of home-based business, it’s all about leverage.

Leverage technology to maximize your efforts. The automation you can build into the NEW style of home-based business is incredible. You can literally have a business working for you 24 hours a day, worldwide, even when you sleep. It does all the mundane things most of us don’t like doing.

Leverage your efforts through strategic relationships to create unlimited monthly residual income.

This is where the Internet has really changed business in the last couple of years. In order to effectively compete, all kinds of business are paying substantial referral fees to generate customers.

And these referral fees are not one time only. Many are monthly and increase significantly the more people are referred. These referral fees can range from a couple of hundred of $ to TENS of THOUSANDS or even HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of $ a month.

Because of the automation of the Internet you can do more with less, creating substantial streams of income for you and your family.

Once you learn how to apply these two principles to your NEW style of home based business, your only regret will be that someone didn’t show you how to do this sooner.
So why just work hard when you can also work smart?

Reason 4: Lifestyle
Lifestyle is about living where you want to live and having the money to do the things you really enjoy when you want to do them.

Do you have that now?

Most people don’t. Even if they make a lot of money. Not because they don’t want it but because no one has given them the vehicle to achieve it or the map to take them there.

There is no way a person who is stuck in the old way of doing business is going to be able to show you how to get out of the rat race. The only way you will find out what is REALLY going on is by learning it from someone who is already doing it.

What if you found a business, with UNLIMITED INCOME potential? One that could generate a monthly residual income that would be the equivalent of having a million dollars or more in the bank?

One that would let you create a LIFESTYLE, instead of just a living? Would you take advantage of it? Would you take the time to find out more?

That is the NEW style of home-based business is all about.

Reason 5: Technology
The new global economy has created many NEW style home-based business opportunities.

You can now work at home with today’s low cost technology (internet, computer, cell phone, etc.) that gives you all the capabilities of a large corporation.

Product distribution is changing and companies are being FORCED to use the Internet more and more in order to effectively compete.

Home-based businesses that use the Internet are able to capitalize on the number one most powerful form of marketing available today — referral marketing through the Internet. It is predicted to be at LEAST 25% of all business over the Internet.

The Internet is completely changing how people are doing business. It allows you to work all types of business from home to anywhere in the world and make VERY good money doing it.

Reason 6: Tax Write Off
A home-based business is one of the last true tax havens for the average person. There are a number of ways you can get legitimate tax write-offs just by having a self-employed home-based business.

Most people are not aware that by having a home based business they are entitled to many substantial tax deductions they could make a significant difference in their lifestyle without increasing their overall income.

Not only can a home-based business provide a part-time income, a full-time income or create financial independence, you will receive many tax benefits that can substantially increase your bottom line net income.

Is there really any reason why you shouldn’t take a serious look at getting involved in a NEW style of home based business?

Ask yourself: Is my profession, occupation, company or business taking me where I want to go in life?
If NOT what are you going to do about it?
The Choice is Yours.

Starting a home based business like Atomy is much easier than you can imagine…

Here is the short version of Atomy Marketing Plan.

There is no capital or operating costs, no risks to bear and no expertise required to run an Atomy home-based business which you can start part-time and right away.
All it requires for you to succeed with Atomy is to simply switch your current purchases of your daily essentials from your traditional sources to the low cost and high quality Atomy products.
Once you have gained positive experiences using the Atomy products, you will have the confidence and the desire to share them with your friends and loved ones.

It’s better to be late than never!
Sign Up for your free Atomy membership today.

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