Bucket or Pipeline?

“I would rather earn one percent off 100 people’s efforts than 100 percent off my own efforts”
J. Paul Getty.

Is This How You Are Planning Your Retirement?

Have you ever wondered how are you going to pay your bills when you stop working today?

Before the water systems was modernized, people had to bring buckets to collect water from the rivers or wells to their houses.

Burke Hedges, in his book “Parable of the Pipeline“, explains that going to work is a similar phenomenon.


If you have a job or profession or even a traditional business that requires you to trade your time and talent for money like Bruno, you essentially work each day to “fill a bucket” with money.


Getting a better position or deal still requires you to trade your time and talent for money. It will only give you a fuller bucket. The moment you stop working, you stop earning money!


Wouldn’t it be better and smarter to build a pipeline like Pablo and have money flowing into your life even when you’ve stopped working?

Who would you want to be like:
Bruno the Bucket Carrier or Pablo the Pipeline Builder?

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