Working hard is not enough.


I was at a mall when I took this picture of a row of shopping carts. While there was the sunday crowd, I didn’t witness a sale made during my few minutes there. It is not my intention to despise the hard working vendors trying to edge out a living for him/herself and their families. Considering the thousands of $ that they have to pay monthly for the cart rental, the stocks that they have to carry and the long hours manning their stores, I have a new appreciation of the ease and potentials of a Atomy business. In this internet age, it is not enough to work hard. We need to also work smart to survive in this new economy.

p.s. As an Atomy member, I am given a ready-made online Shopping Mall that is available 24/7 for FREE. No rental to pay, No stock to carry and deliver and the Mall operates round the clock without my presence.
In addition, Atomy will also reward me for promoting its products and business opportunity to others.

Atomy Road to Success by Park, Dong Cheol Royal Master

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