What’s wrong and right with Network Marketing?


My conversations with most of my friends on Atomy usually began with their negative perception of network marketing. This is understandable because they or someone they know had bad experiences dabbling with it.

The essence of Network or Direct marketing as a business model requires the company to share its sales income with the consumer members for helping the company to grow.
It is simply a different approach to the traditional Manufacturer to Distributor to Retailer model of product distribution with their price markups along the way to the consumers.

While the traditional supply chain model benefits only the businesses that help push the products to the consumers, the network marketing model shares its sales income directly with the consumer members for referring the products to others for their purchases and consumptions
Networkers also enjoy recurring incomes from their networks that they built once and will keep on earning from their purchases unlike the employees whose pay-checks would end when they stopped jobbing. 

Unfortunately, many network marketing companies adulterated and are still abusing the pure concept of network marketing with their over-hyped and overpriced products, mandatory and on-going purchases, and the unequal distribution of commissions and bonuses to the few top sales persons instead of the majority of consumer members

In short, network marketing is an excellent way for a company to distribute products directly to the consumers and rewards them righteously for theirs and their referrals’ purchases.
Network marketing became bad when unscrupulous companies abused it to enrich themselves and the few top sales members at the very top of the pyramid with over-priced products, forced purchases and other fees.

Atomy is a unique network marketing company. It adheres to the pure model of network marketing.
This is one company that empowers the ordinary consumers to enjoy not only low cost and high quality products, but also the opportunity to become their own bosses with no entry barrier and no risk to take.

Atomy Company Introduction 2015

If you have a more favorable perception of network marketing by now, then I urge you to continue reading  this Blog to determine if Atomy will be a life changing encounter for you and/or for your loved ones.


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Atomy products are mainly organic/natural and of the highest quality and lowest price.
We actually save and also earn money from our team’s purchases of our daily essential products for our efforts of helping the company to grow.

Atomy passive income opportunity is designed to empower ordinary consumers to succeed financially by simply Consuming the products, Sharing the opportunity and Getting Paid by Atomy for doing so!

Thank you for spending your time reading this blog.

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