Beware of Scammers

Because of the growing popularity of Atomy products, there are now scammers trying to cheat consumers to purchase Atomy products from other than the official Atomy online Shopping Malls.

Here is an example:


This eBay posting sold 2 tubes of Atomy toothpaste for $29.99 to 36 people!
What the buyers didn’t realize was that they could have bought a pack of 5 large tubes directly from Atomy for $25 or get them for as low as $3.50 in bulk.
While those purchases validated the excellent quality of the Atomy Propolis Toothpaste, unsuspecting consumers should be made aware of such online sThe reselling of Atomy products online by members is strictly against the Member Agreement which states: “Promote and sell Atomy products to ultimate consumers and not to sell or display those products in retail sales or service establishments. Maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and responsibility in dealing with the Company, consumers and other members”.
Moreover, Atomy products can be ordered just as easily from any of the official Atomy online Shopping Malls.

The answer from Atomy on these online re-sellers were that they are a mix of opportunists and scammers. Some may even be selling old stock and expired products. There were also cases discovered in Korea of the refilling of empty Atomy containers with other skincare contents etc.

More consumers are also replacing their beauty products with Atomy’s high quality and low cost alternatives.

Hence, consumers who order Atomy products from other than the official sites are taking unnecessary risks even if the prices appears to be reasonable.

Consumers who bought Atomy products from these scammers also do not enjoy the PVs or Point Values accorded to members and would be missing out on the opportunity of building a pipeline business out of Atomy.

You are welcome to click on Atomy Singapore to view Atomy products from our online Shopping Mall.
Please login as our guest if you like to become a member and to make an order by copying and pasting S5640723 for the ID and Password.
If you are outside Singapore, please select the country at the top right hand corner before your proceed further.

But why shop on other sites when you can simply Sign Up for your very own online Shopping Mall within minutes and for FREE.

When consumers order products directly from your very own Atomy Shopping Malls, you will be rewarded for their purchases and also for their referrals.

Your ready-made  e-Commerce site will become operational once your application is verified within a couple of days.

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