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In today’s economic situations, it’s no longer unusual for companies to downsize or to face a downturn in business before the axes began to fall on the staff. Can this happen to you? You may not think so, but the reality is that it is happening more often than you care to admit.

Are you prepared for such an eventuality? If not, you may find yourself having a rough time to cope with financial and emotional upheavals. When you do go out of a job, not only you would have to deal with a drop of your income, you will also have to deal with a dip in your self-esteem. If you aren’t prepared for such an eventuality, chances are, you will take some time to get over your losses, and in the process, may lose your confidence altogether to get ahead with what is remained of you. Even if you have managed to find another employment, there is no guarantee that you will not lose it again? Sounds alarming isn’t it?

Can you do something to prevent your unanticipated job loss? No. Not when the reasons are beyond your control.
Can you do something to prepare for your job loss? Yes. You can and you should.

First, you must be able to spot the handwriting on the wall so that you can be better prepared to face the axe. Some of the signs that will surface during the sun set of your career are:

  •  You get new colleague whose job is very similar to yours and you are asked to report to the person;
  •  Your staff are been promoted without your recommendations;
  •  You are been taken out of key projects or decision making role without any inkling of what’s happening.

If these are happening to you right now, here are some suggestions on how to go about preparing for the worst to happen:

  • Watch out for these signals of impending job loss and begin earnestly to look out for alternative income sources;
  • Be prepared to deal with your emotions such as your anger when the time comes for you to go;
  • Treat the job loss as an opportunity to devote your total energy to mange your future career.

These suggestions, although effective at times, are like medicines to be taken only when one is falling sick.

If you accept that job losses are like sicknesses which can not be wished away when they come, then a better way is for you to be as financially healthy as you can be so that when the axe does fall on you, you will have the monetary reserve and the emotional strength to survive the difficult time ahead.

The question then is how are you supposed to become financially healthy in the first place?
Unless, you are one of the very few who are wealthy to begin with, or you were able to accumulate your wealth through some savings or investments, you are left with no choice but to find a way to stay financially healthy with a more stable income from another source.

Thus, if you think you don’t have the time nor the need or inclination to prepare yourself and work for this other income source to become financially independent, just imagine what is going to happen if the axe does fall on you in the not too distance future.

Be prepared today for a better tomorrow.

Do it now – your future depends on what you do today!

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“Job security? Don’t rely on the corporation. Rely on your network.”
– Harvey Mackay.

“The greatest good you can do for one is not to share your riches but to help them discover their own.”
– Benjamin Disraeli.

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