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Atomy is a High Tech Health and Wellness company that was started out of the necessity to find a solution for workers in KAERI, the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute who were having low immune systems due to the radiation they were experiencing.

Kolmar USA is one of the primary manufacturers of cosmetics in the world, roughly 60% of the worlds cosmetics comes from them. Some notable brands that use Kolmar include Channel, Shiseido, Lacome, and Clinique just to name a few.

The CEO Han-Gil Park of Atomy had more than 10 years experience in the Network Marketing industry before Atomy. He saw the flaws and decided that Atomy was going to be different from all the others. It was a difficult task for him to get the heads of the KAERI and Kolmar Korea on board because of the stigma that MLM but they realized Atomy was different and took the chance.

Atomy is the exclusive distribution channel for Kolmar BNH, a joint-venture company that is formed by both Kolmar Korea, a subsidiary of  Kolmar USA and KAERI. Both companies have a long history of R&D into the skin care and cosmetics field. Atomy’s products are made using a combination of technology from all three companies.

This video in Korean with English Sub-title shows that good products require a good sales and marketing company like Atomy to succeed.

After years of research with the top Scientists and Researchers in South Korea and researching ancient remedies, they came up with an amazing new Immune Product and from there an entire line of Herbal and Organic Skin Care, Hair Care, Vitamins, Toothpaste, and much more.

Atomy is sort of like a Online Store or Supermarket where we go to get our products.
But unlike them, Atomy members enjoy discounts on our purchases and get paid for sharing with others, the products which can be purchased comfortably on-line and delivered to our homes.

No more rush hours and no bosses to look over your shoulder.

No Fee to join, No Overpriced Product, No Auto Ship, No Monthly Recurring Fees, No Pressure to Buy and Sell and No Uneasiness to Share!

Atomy also offers a 24/7 international business opportunity that anyone with an internet connection can start right away. Moreover, there are plenty of free educational materials online and Success Seminars to attend to help us grow our business.
To stay active as a member, we only need to buy one product a year… which could be a set of 4 tubes of travel size toothpaste (50 gm each) for S$7 a set. They are effective as give-away to your prospects for their try-outs.

As an example of price competitiveness, a bulk purchase of 20 x 200 gm size Toothpaste at S$88 will bring down the price to S$4.40 a piece which is much cheaper than some well-known brands.

In short, we just need to switch our daily necessities to the competitively priced and effective Atomy’s product range to enjoy this passive income opportunity. Isn’t it amazing?

The Compensation Plan…

with Unlimited Levels, no flushing of accumulated Personal PVs and downline PVs accumulate until they are paid out, then starts all over again for both legs, ensures our network and passive income will keep on growing for as long as the team members continue to share and replace our daily necessities with Atomy’s Absolute Price and Absolute Quality products. Promotion to each of the Mastership level requires only one time qualification.

How to work once and get paid over and over again?

Atomy pays it’s members a percentage of the sales of its products to members.
An Atomy member gets to enjoy a percentage of the purchases by his/her entire network’s consumption of the products.

Assuming that a network doubles in size every month i.e. each member in the network recruits just 2 members within a month and nothing more after that, the size of the network would have grown to a total of 8190 members in 12 months!

Of course some inactive members in the team will not recruit any but others who are active in recruiting will sign up 2 or more new members a month and for the following months. Hence, it is not inconceivable that this geometric growth in the network will come to past!

BinaryGrowthWith the Atomy Binary Plan, we are not alone as individuals to build our own networks.
Since all new sign-ups by a member himself/herself and from all his/her downline Enrollees must be placed under either one of his/her 2 legs, the member’s network will keep on growing in size and in income potentials.
In addition, a member can also benefit from the spillover of new sign-ups by his/her upline Sponsors.

When we have gathered thousands of members as our downline, we can expect to receive sizeable weekly income whenever any of these members brush their teeth, wash their faces or consume health products from Atomy.

Income Potential – 1 PV earned is worth about US$5 and 100k PV is the equivalence of just 1 set of HemoHIM purchase for about US$126 by the Group.
A member qualifies to earn Group PV income as soon as his/her Personal consumption is accrued above 10k PV.
Once our Personal PVs surpass each succeeding Dealership level, we get to enjoy higher commissions from the Group PV for good!

Sooner or later, even the in-active members will be incentivized to work on their weaker legs of their Atomy businesses to maximize their income sources.

The end result will be an exponential growth in an Atomy business.

In short, the Atomy business like most others rewards the Early Adopters better than the late comers – early bird catches the worms.

This video is almost an hour long but is time well spent to get to know more about Atomy.

Act NOW. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain to Sign Up for your Free membership. We will help you to succeed in this business as a team. We become successful when we help others to succeed in their businesses.

Make Atomy your life partner for success.

p.s. The problem with trading our time for money is that our incomes stop when we stop working. Atomy offers an opportunity for us to work once and get paid over and over again!
This is a highly do-able and duplicable business.
The world never sleeps, neither should be your business.We will be happy to create this 24/7 Blog as your own for FREE to kick-start your business by widening your reach online.
Indeed, Atomy is a suitable business for the whole family (just like ours) to work together. Working on a risk free business that will produce residual income is definitely the smarter way to achieve financial independence.