Are You on a 40-Year or 4-Year Retirement Plan?


It’s getting too familiar isn’t it?
Our workforce seems to be heading for a major overhaul where the experienced and loyal are getting replaced by the numbers every day.

The good news is that this wake up call has forced many who are or will be affected to explore new ventures.

Are You on a 40-Year or 4-Year Retirement Plan?

Are you on a 40-year or 4-year retirement plan? Most people are on 40-year plan, start working around the age of 25, retire at the age of 65, and hope that their retirement plan will take care of them for the rest of their lives. But in today’s and future economic society, this plan almost always fails. Most jobs don’t offer pensions anymore, and even if they do, the retirement income is significantly lower compared to the income they were making when they were actively working. So for the 40 years of their working years, people don’t have any time to spend for themselves and families because they are too busy making money that’s just enough to make ends meet. And when they retire, they may have time, but they don’t have quality life because they don’t have enough money to enjoy their time. For most people on 40-year plan, it will never get them even close to true financial freedom: Having the money and time to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

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