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Atomy Membership – No Fee to join, No Overpriced Product, No Auto Ship, No Monthly Recurring Fees, No Pressure to Buy and Sell and No Uneasiness to Share!


Opportunity is not lost.  It just goes to the person who seizes it.

“Dreams Do Come True” by Royal Master Kyungsuk Kim
Atomy has completely changed my life. I was poor & living in a small 605 sq.ft rented apt. In just short 6 years working Atomy business, I have achieved financial freedom making U$50,000 monthly residual income, living in my dream home & driving a Mercedes S Series. I am able to buy my mom-in-law a brand new house, gives her U$4,000 monthly allowance, takes her on cruises & endless vacations, pay all her medical bills, buys her all the Atomy products she needs for herself & for the household.
I have also written a song which I live by that says.. “If you ever need me, don’t forget to call me, I will run to you wherever you maybe, It’s OK if it’s in the morning or at night, I’ll run to you whenever it may be.” Thank you.
If I can achieve Financial Success, so CAN YOU!

Whenever we had a new Atomy sign-up, we have this awareness that had some of our other friends and relatives seized the opportunity and registered for their Atomy IDs earlier, then one of them could jolly well be the sponsor of this new member instead of the other way around. If you are still wavering, then wait no more to sign up for your Atomy ID today.

Sign Up Procedure is similar for all countries

In order to become an Atomy membership, you’ll need a sponsor.
We will provide you with your Atomy Sponsor’s ID and the BENEFITS of:

  • Sponsoring New Members under your line

  • Assigning PVs to them & their downline members

  • Providing training and more…

to help you build your Atomy Business.

Kindly note that Atomy membership is currently available to these 8 countries’ citizens and PRs for immediate registration at his/her respective country’s Atomy site Sign Up page as follow:

  1. Korea

  2. Japan

  3. USA

  4. Taiwan

  5. Canada

  6. Singapore

  7. Cambodia

  8. Philippines

  9. Malaysia

  10. Mexico

  11. Thailand

Vietnam: Opening to be announced.

We need only 1 Atomy Membership ID to start building a network of empowered consumers from all over the world!

If you are a Singaporean or a PR, you are qualified to sign up for a Atomy membership to secure an early position and gain from first mover advantage. You can then proceed to share this wonderful opportunity to all your relatives and friends in the countries where Atomy has a presence.

You are also welcome to drop us a line indicating your interest in Atomy and we will contact you as soon as registration is possible.

To sign up as a Singapore citizen or PR member, please click on this

Atomy Singapore Sign Up Page

then copy and paste S5640723 (remember not to include the space before or after) to both the ID and the Password fields and be taken to the Step 01 Choose your status page below. Click on the Yes button to go to Step 02.


After you have checked the All agree tick box near the top left of the Step 02 Read the member agreement page, click on the Confirm button below, and you will be at Step 03 Fill in Membership Form below.


After you have completed the above Membership Form, please click the Confirm button to proceed to the Step 04 Designate your Sponsor page.

Please copy and paste S6179592 as your sponsor. If this ID is already filled with the message “No positions  Under Select Member ID.”, then please Contact Us for a new ID to enter in the Direct Sponsor’s ID field and complete the application procedures at Step 05 Application Complete page accordingly.

You will receive an email confirmation of your membership application.
Please remember to log in at Membership Verification to download the Application for Membership form, complete and return the signed form together with a copy each of your IDs (front and back) to submit online to Atomy for verification and account activation.

Please Contact Us with the details if you have difficulties during the sign up process.

Please perform the same sign-up steps at your respective country’s URL above if you are a non Singaporean/PR.

If you have or encounter difficulties with your online Application, you are welcome to Email (or email to photo copies of your national ID (front and back) together with your contact phone and email address and we will be glad to do the registration for you.
You can then login to Atomy website to change your personal details such as the passwords after your application is approved by Atomy.

Working on a business like Atomy is akin to farming.
We first have to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water, fertilize and nurture them.
Over time the seeds grow and will yield a crop.
What is so amazing about these seeds is that they will start re-seeding themselves and grow like wild grass.

Galatians 6:7 – … A man reaps what he sows, reminds us of lost opportunities due to our misperception or inaction.

We are thankful for this free and fertile land known as Atomy that we are now sowing and hope that you will also roll up your sleeves and start plowing, given that we will not reap if we do not sow!

While it may not be a personal failure to be out of work or a loss of income, we have no one to blame if we let a life changing opportunities like Atomy to pass by.

There is no better time to build a new life with Atomy than NOW!

p.s. The problem with trading our time for money is that our incomes stop when we stop working. Atomy offers an opportunity for us to work once and get paid over and over again!

This is a highly do-able and duplicable business.
The world never sleeps, neither should be your business. We will be happy to create this 24/7 Blog as your own for FREE to kick-start your business by widening your reach online.
Indeed, Atomy is a suitable business for the whole family (just like ours) to work together. Working on a risk free business that will produce residual income is definitely the smarter way to achieve financial independence.

Proverbs 16:3 – Commit your plans to the Lord and you will succeed.
箴言 16:3 – 你所做的,要交托耶和华,你所谋的,就必成立。