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Atomy or Atom美 is a company that values its customers welfare above all else. It’s products are herbal, organic and non-toxic.
To stand behind its products, Atomy offers to members a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee for a full refund. The return rate is 0.25% compared to the industry average of 4.21%, affirms the quality of Atomy’s product line.

Atomy’s vision is to be the preferred source for the highest quality daily essential products at the lowest possible price.
Its mission is to help lower the living expenses of the working class and provides the means to increase their income. Stabilizing the household finances is the foundation to building fundamental social stability.

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The company is founded on a principle centered belief of delivering absolute quality goods at absolute prices and giving the consumers an absolute system to become their own bosses because it believes that consumers should not have to pay high prices for quality products and should also be rewarded for helping the company to grow.

Unlike other network marketing companies, we are not forced to auto-order products regularly from the company. All that Atomy requires from us is to purchase just 1 item from as low as a few dollars within any 1 year cycle to remain as a living and active member with no joining and annual membership fees.

Atomy allocates 70% of sales income to its members.

Before Atomy, we do not get paid for the purchases of our daily essentials from traditional outlets because all the proceeds from our purchases go to the businesses in the supply chain.


But with Atomy, we will be paid for our purchases since 44% of its sales are distributed back to members as General Commission every week. In addition, there are the 2% Multi-Matching and the 20% Masters’ bonuses payable to the qualified members at the end of every half month and the remaining 4% for Mastership promotions and incentives.
The high percentage of General Commission and the bottom heavy Mastership bonus is designed to incentivize the majority more than the top sales members in the company.

In short, a total of 70% of company sales is set aside to benefit its members leaving 30% for Operation Cost!

There are five classes of dealership in Atomy. Each member is classified by the member’s total volume of purchases or PV accrued.



The total PV accrued will determine the commission to be received from the company.
Our personal PV never goes away and always accumulates. There is no need for us to keep purchasing products just to receive our commissions unlike other companies.

An Atomy member needs to accumulate just 10,000 PV (about US$17 of purchases or the equivalence of a bottle of Herbal Shampoo) to qualify for 5 commission points X the accumulated commissions on the personal volume of recruited team members.

The Income Potentials in USD.


Most active members achieved their first success as a Sales Master within a year with Atomy. From then on, it will be just a matter of time for the Sales Masters to be promoted upward because their networks will continue to grow in number (unlimited levels and no flushing) and in their products consumption.
Please note that the income from Atomy is residual i.e. members will continue to receive their commissions and bonuses at their attained Mastership levels based on the totals of product consumption by their team members. There is no demotion in Atomy!

Atomy is also the first network marketing company whose members enjoy unimpeded income with just 1 ID from their global networks.

Here are 3 life-changing videos by Atomy CEO Han-Gil Park in Korean with English Subtitle. If you are short of time, try to complete at least the first video. You will be glad you did.

Please watch these videos in entity to benefit the most from the CEO’s insights.

Atomy follows the strategy of MASSTIGE, meaning mass plus prestige. The company believes that prestigious, high quality products should be made affordable to everyone.

Absolute Products at Absolute Prices is possible only through the cost savings from mass production by reputable manufacturers, inexpensive packaging, advertising and the absence of jack-up prices from distribution and retail chains.

Founder, CEO Han-Gill Park believes that ordinary consumers like home-makers deserve to be empowered for being loyal customers.
Atomy designs it compensation plan intentionally to benefit the masses. Instead of a few top leaders earning most of the sales commissions in other network marketing companies, more members will get to enjoy the payouts with Atomy.
When this happens, more members will naturally gain the confidence to share with their friends and neighbors, the low cost and high quality products that they simply replace for use everyday and be rewarded for doing so.

In short, Atomy treats its members like shareholders of the company, and rewards us not only for our purchases but also for helping others to do the same.

Many people in the world are not living up to their full potentials because of missed or wrong opportunities. We all have our setbacks but the pasts shouldn’t define the futures.
You are now in the right place and the right time to change your life for the better with Atomy.

We are convinced that Atomy’s unique business model of providing high quality products at low costs coupled with a reward system that empowers and benefit the mass consumers and not just the top few sales persons is how network marketing should be done in the first place, instead of the negative perceptions generally associated with network marketing companies.

The “money-not-enough” situation after one has stopped working is prevalent in Singapore and elsewhere. A way out of this financial plight is to start building sources of passive income before it is too late.
We need a paradigm shift. Building a pipeline income (work once and get paid constantly) is the smarter way of earning a living than just carrying buckets (income stops when we stop working).

Atomy offers us an excellent opportunity to start building a pipeline income right away with no entry barrier and no risk to prepare for the time when we have to stop working.

The early bird catches the worms.

We invite you, especially ours friends and relatives to come and build our future together with Atomy. Don’t just ponder over it. Talk to us because we don’t know what you don’t know about Atomy. We are also open to your feedback if you know of something that is not right with Atomy.

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Galatians 6:10 – Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.
加拉太書 6:10 – 由此可見,我們一有機會,就要向眾人做美善的事,尤其要對信徒家裡的人。

No Fee to join, No Overpriced Product, No Auto Ship, No Monthly Recurring Fees, No Pressure to Buy and Sell and No Uneasiness to Share!

p.s. Thanks to the power of the Internet, we are receiving inquiries on Atomy from several countries including some from Africa. We hope the day will come soon when we can play our part in helping more people to alleviate poverty in more places.